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The Most Googled Valentine’s Day Gifts Show How Clueless We All Are


Real estate app Estatelypulled Google Trends data going back to 2004 to see which Valentine’s Day gifts each US state searched for the most. The results — depending on which state you’re living in— are pretty surprising.

Californians searched for couples’ pajamas the most (to Netflix and chill in style, obviously); whereas, New Yorkers opted for romantic motels (somewhere to take their side honeys, I’m assuming).

Meanwhile, Alabamans are searching Lord Byron poetry more than any other state. Did anyone seethat one coming?

PS: New Mexico, I’m not sure if you know this, but you can’t buy hickeys.

Check out the infographic, which simultaneously quizzes your knowledge of US states, below.

On Estately’s blog, you can find a more detailed list of each state’s Google searches. For instance, love birds in Missouri are looking to dabble in “vejazzling” for the Hallmark holiday. And South Carolina just wants to know “how to be romantic.”

Basically, the results show none of us have a single clue what to give our special someones for Valentine’s Day; otherwise, we wouldn’t be asking Google. But hey, it’s the thought of getting your SO free sex toys that counts, amiright?

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