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How To Carve A Turkey Like A Pro: Holiday Tutorial


Want to learn how to carve a turkey for Thanksgiving? Learn how to engrave a turkey like a pro in this tutorial!

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Carve a Turkey Like an Expert This Thanksgiving This article was originally posted by homesteading.com and shared with full permission

How to Carve a Turkey the Right Way

When it comes to carving the Thanksgiving turkey, ensure, it’s always “re going to be” my husband’s responsibility.

It’s always been how it is for years now, and I don’t really plan on changing that tradition. But it somehow attained me think, isn’t part of homesteading and being self-sufficient know how to engrave a turkey the right way?

What You’ll Need 😛 TAGEND

sharp knife cooked turkey serving plate chopping board Step 1: Let It Rest

Let your turkey rest for about 30 minutes. This will help prevent the juices from coming out when you start carving, and it will build the clean-up process much easier.

Step 2: Slice the Dark Meat

Start with the dark meat first. You should be able to notice a natural line going through the leg of the turkey.

This is where the joints satisfy. Slide your knife through it.

Step 3: Pull on the Legs

Give the leg a little pull. You’ll be able to see the connection in the joints inducing it easier to cut the thigh with your knife.

Repeat this process on the other leg too.

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Step 4: Start Carving the Breast

Father carving the turkey for diner | How To Carve A Turkey Like A Pro: Holiday Tutorial Set the legs and thighs aside and start carving the breast. Slice down the kill bone somewhat separating the meat with your thumb.

Check where the breast connects, then slide your knife gently to separate it from the breast bone. Do the same on the other side.

Step 5: Cut off the Wings

Time to cut off the wings. It’s better to do this last since leave it on while carving the rest of the turkey stimulates it more stable.

Step 6: Cut the Wing Tips

After cutting the wings, cut the wing tips-off by following the joints. The wing tips-off will come off with a little tug if it’s cooked very well.

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Now, you know your way to carving a Thanksgiving turkey. Wherever you find yourself on a holiday, you can lend a helping hand, rise to the occasion, and showcase your turkey-carving skills!

How’s your turkey-carving skill? Tell us all about it in the comment sections below!


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