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The Betches Official Family Holiday Drinking Game


It is a truth universally known that any person going home for the holidays to spend time with their family is in want of copious amounts of alcohol. It doesnt matter how rock-solid your relationship with your parents is. It doesnt matter if you all have the same political opinions and love the same shows and sit around the dinner table like a Norman Rockwell painting every December. The second that your mom questions your whereabouts or your dad tries to instill a curfew or, God forbid, your aunt questions your relationship status, its all out the fucking window. It is at this time that only one thing can save you: alcohol.

In order to make the break as tolerable as possible, weve decided to bestow our tried and true Family Holiday Drinking Game upon you loyal readers, in the hopes that you too can come out of this next week with your dignity and familial relationships intact. Keep calm and drink on, my friends.

Drink every time

  • Someone asks when youre moving back home
  • Anytime an older relative criticizes a younger one for being on their phone
  • Anytime an older relative criticizes a younger one for being on their phone and then immediately asks for technological advice
  • You run into someone from high school you hate
  • You run into someone from high school who hates you
  • You see anyone from high school at all
  • Someone makes a passive aggressive comment
  • Your mom rolls her eyes
  • Anytime a sibling/cousin is visibly high at dinner

Finish your drink when

  • Anyone says the word millennial
  • Anyone mentions the election
  • Anyone mentions politics, in any capacity, at all
  • You have to physically bite your tongue for fear of saying something so aggressively offensive that your parents will hide the alcohol from you

Take one shot

  • For every racist relative you have
  • For every questionable selfie your slutty cousin takes on Christmas
  • Anytime someone takes a photo of their food at family dinner
  • For every heinous gift you get from a distant relative
  • Every newly engaged friend you have
  • For every sibling/cousin of yours thats in a relationship
  • When any of your family members ask why youre single
  • When of your family members bring up that ex that was just the nicest boy/girl

Start chugging directly from the nearest bottle if.

  • Any of your family members say they voted for Trump
  • Anyone questions how much youre drinking

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