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This Couple Takes The Art Of Making Holiday Cards To A Whole New Level Of Awkward


If you’re anything like me, you’re probably stuffing your dog into a holiday sweater as we speak and plopping your four-legged friend in front of a Christmas tree to create a holiday card of epic proportions. (No? Just me?) But it’s common knowledge that some Christmas photos are a cut above the rest. (Like the ones that have wiener dogs in them. It’s science.)

In any case, this couple knows a thing or two about taking amazing holiday photos. While some people pose in white sweaters in front of gorgeously decorated trees, this pair likes to go a more…eccentric route. The resulting cards are the stuff of Christmas legend.

These two have been slaying the card game for 12 years now, so Mike — the mustached wonder in the photo below — took to Reddit to share their artistry with the world.

Nothing says “Merry Christmas! I’m pregnant, he’s going to be a great dad, and you definitely shouldn’t worry!” quite like cigarettes, mullets, and beer.

He did a brilliant job with those plugs, and by brilliant, I mean absolutely terrible.

This one captures how we all feel after someone drops some problematic nonsense at Christmas dinner but we haven’t even taken pictures yet.

And this one looks like it was ripped from the set of SNL in the absolute best way possible.

Nowadays, they get their kids (and their epically bad mutton chops) involved.

Here we have their version of me in seventh grade.

Aaaaaand me in eighth grade.

Hey, this is cute! Hold up.

Now that my dog is looking at me like I’ve just ruined her life, I’m starting to think that I should just let her get out of that sweater and slap on a mullet wig myself. Judging by these photos, that’s the only way to capture the joy of the holidays.

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