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Counting Down to the Holidays with at Home


This post brought to you by At Home. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Makely School for Girls.

I always get a little exhausted when I see Christmas decorations hit the stores in September.  It’s too early, right?  What about Halloween?  What about Thanksgiving?  But then, I start to panic that all the really cute stuff will be gone before Halloween, so I need to get a move on it immediately.

I had the exact same thought process when I walked into my favorite At Home store this past week.  It’s not time!  It’s still pumpkin season!  Oh, wait!  That’s amazing!  I better buy that before someone else snaps it up!  The struggle is real, y’all.

Okay, so don’t freak out on me, you guys, but I bought some At Home Christmas Decor in October.  We have so much going on in the next two months, that I decided to just get a jump on it when I had time.  I have never jumped into the holidays before Thanksgiving, but last year we had virtually no Christmas decorations in our home.  I think we put up a tree a few days before Christmas, and that was it since we were so busy.  As with everything I do, it’s either feast or famine.  I do it 100% or not at all.

So, I went ahead and decorated our master bedroom.

GASP!  I know.  But it looks so fun!

Luckily, you don’t have to get started on your decorations right this minute, because At Home has a huge selection of holiday decorations – definitely the largest selection of any other retailer in my area.  And even better, they make it so easy to put together a great holiday room or beautiful tree on a small budget.  They have 15 different themes of decorations, like Snow Capped Scene, Forest Fairytales, and Cherished Memories.  You can pick one theme and go wild, or you can mix and match.  Many of the themes are shown .

You guys know that I’m a huge mix and matcher, so I just grabbed stuff that I loved from a few of the different lines.  I always like my decorations to have a vintage feel, so I seek out baubles that look like they could have been in homes in the mid-1960s.  A lot of my Christmas decor is actually vintage, so I was excited to find quite a few things that will blend well with my vintage treasures.

One of my favorite things that I did in the bedroom was to hang some ornaments from my .  Why had I never thought of that? 

The Santa ornaments and the little glittered church are from the At Home Cherished Memories theme (which is my personal favorite).  The sweet Joy to the World ball is from Lavish and Luxe.  The little ornament at the top is their 2015 Collectible Ornament from the general Christmas area of the store.

In the Holiday Hoedown theme, I found this great JOY sign.  It’s actually battery operated, so it lights up.  I added some silver beaded garland to dress it up a little bit.

On the bed, I added two fun throw pillows – a Christmas tree and a pom pom trim pillow.  Doesn’t it remind you of my curtains?  These pillows are some of my favorite new pieces!

I’m a little obsessed with hanging stuff off of my silver antlers, so of course this season would be no different.  I love the red beaded garland paired with a little bit of the silver garland.  I didn’t want to go overboard here, so I kept this vignette otherwise really simple.

Next to my standing mirror, I put a pre-lit silver tinsel Christmas tree (one of the 101 different types of Christmas Trees available at the At Home Tree for Me lot) and strung it with some bubble lights.  I have always wanted some bubble lights, so I’m thrilled to finally have some!

I wrapped a throw blanket around the base of the tree and put some more silver garland on it – just because I could.

Y’all, At Home really is the perfect place to pick up some new decor to refresh and update what’s been stored in your attic for the last year.  At Home has everyday low prices, so you could get some cute, new things with just a small budget.  I loved being able to mix and match decorations from different themes, but it would be so easy to do a gorgeous single themed tree, too.

Which At Home Christmas decorative theme would you choose?


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